Dahl - Indian lentil

Sometimes I buy « new » things even without knowing what I am gonna do with them as coral lentil. I put them in the closet and forget them until I put some order or remember them from a recipe I am reading. That’s how I discovered that I had almost all the ingredients to do a dahl, a dense soup of coral lentil with spices (curcuma, ginger, coriander and cumin).

I did a first try last week and was quite enthusiast about the result, although I was missing some ingredients, like fresh coriander and mustard seeds. For these last one I remember seeing them at the market Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. This market is a magic kingdom. You can find all the spices you want. You have to know that in the supermarkets here in Italia it is really difficult to find some aromatic plants like fresh coriander, aneth, powder of coriander or cumin… so I do not even say for the raz el hanout, garam massala… For a while I asked my mother to bring it back from France. So when I heard about that market I went and was just amazed, it is like entering in the souk. It is full of smell (specially fresh coriander), colors, voices!

Now that I had all the ingredients, I prepared it again today and enjoyed it in company of my friend N. I shot the pictures in te morning for the preparation and though about the ones I could do for the plate once cooked. « I need your hands! » I told her when she arrived:

Click here for recipe of Dahl – Indian lentil

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