Sage pesto

The weather is getting really hot here, I don’t know how it is for you, but I am getting scared of the next weeks to come, specially for Joséphine, you never know when a baby is thirsty. She is becoming more and more « mammone » as italians are saying, that means that she always wants her mum, be in the arms…all time. Right now she is doing lot of noises, bubbling, trying to catch up my attention and I soon as I look at her she stops and smiles (just so cute!)…Her brother was like that but she is on the way to beat up the score.

I already mentioned that beside growing up 2 kids, we are growing up sage on the terrace ;-). The plants found their place and  keep expand! I can not see the end… After many many sage shortbreads, A. desperately came with the idea of sage pesto. I tried once pesto of coriander with almonds too. It goes perfectly with fishes.

This time almonds just tone down the strong taste of sage. You can use it in different dish like with chicken, pasta, bruschette, filet mignon….

Talking about sage and coriander, did you know that coriander helps breast milk production whereas sage decreases it!

Click here for recipe of Sage pesto

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