Pumpkin, nuts and chocolate muffins

It was quite a time I was given a pumpkin, the giraumont type. I read about it that it is a little bit sweeter than the classical pumpkin with a softer flesh. My mother in law did it as donut and were quite good, really soft inside. She gave me the other half. I was wondering for some days waht to do with it beside using it for the pasta or baking it as the classical pumpkin pie as A. suggested. Finally I chose to use it in muffins. The muffins were just delicious, soft, sweet but not too much, melting in the mouth. Jack did a brunch that day and I had to stop him eating more for the afternoon break. I used the left over of the pumpkin for the pasta, and believe me the taste was amazing compare to the ones with classic pumpkin « we have to ask L. to grow them up inhis garden » I said A. « I want some more for next year… »

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