Melon panna cotta with prickly pears coulis

Panna cotta au melon et coulis de figues de Barbarie
Panna cotta col melone e passata di fico d’India  
  melon panna cotta

« Are you going to bake again??!! » asked me the centurion. « No…. I am trying a recipe to save the melon » I answered. Unfortunately or fortunately the melon I got last time turned out to be a little tasteless. Taking advantage of this and still on my hunger after seeing the blog il ricettario d’Anna (so many beautiful pictures and recipes), I though about using the melon in a panna cotta recipe (because I was also somehow requested to use less the oven…isn’t ;-)) and to add a coulis with a left over of frozen homemade prickly pears juice! (the mix of this two fruits seemed a good combination, at least for me).

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