Pecorino bavarois with red onions marmelade

panna cotta au pecorino et confit d'oignons rouges

Previous week end it was the birthday of Nora, she sent me subliminal messages saying « I saw that recipe in the last Sale&Pepe, it does look really good »  » I remember that red onions marmelade you did for that dinner » « are you sure that you can find good pecorino cheese there??! »…Armed of every ingredients and pleasure I cooked the pecorino bavarois and the red onions marmelade (helped by my aunt who cried for an hour…). I did some little changes from the orginal recipe and my own marmelade inspired from the one of the talented Lorette (so so many good recipes in her blog). The combination of the two was just perfect. I was afraid it could be a little be heavy given the cheese and the cream but actually the eggwhites helped to lighten the texture. Everybody was just enthusiast about it!

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