Crostini with buffalo mozzarella, sweet peppers and basil sauce

I do not know if this is your case, but I like to read back old issues of cooking magazines. For example I am subscribed to Elle à Table, and I always return to the copies of the same month of previous year (Sept-Oct 2009 and 2008). It allows me to rediscover « forgotten » recipes.

So this summer I found among many others THE Recipe of THE summer. At first glance I thought it was a a simple and fresh recipe, perfect for a buffet (or even a picnic if it organized relatively well). Recipe with basil, sweet peppers and mozzarella di buffala. So without « large » claim. I served it the first time for friends at lunch. AND … we stayed without words, just eating and serving ourselves again. The same evening I had to make it try to the centurion, A.. Our friends G. and S. should also spend the evening with us and had the task of bringing the basil and mozzarella, 2 of 3 key elements. It’s as if Roma was in shortage of this aromatic plant, no way to find. We ended up bribing the neighbors, macaron for their remaining basil. G. which is The Bon Vivant,  has forgotten its traditional pasta and S. said, « when Laure-Sophis asks you to bring basil, basil you bring! ». The centurion was sorry for him not having recovered the terrace of basil (only sage this year) and was looking forward to presenting the recipe to his parents that we meet the next day.

Rebelotte (again!) therefore the challenge, the parents in law whose Nora, one of the best chefs in Rome, if not Italy. Well there it was every man for himself, a duel on the table for the last piece. Imagine the scene (worthy of Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone), the 4 of us around the table, Nora had saved for the next day few crostini and stood firmly on her plate. The centurion, Peppino and I currently eyeing the last crostino. Peppino usually saves the last part from the claws of the centurion and gives it to me. Well…there …. no! his arm slowly stretches, his hand opens and as fast as a chameleon and a fly in front swallowed the last piece.

That if after all that you do not run you to obtain the best mozzarella di Buffala, very fresh basil and peppers … you could regret it!

Click here for recipe of Crostini with buffalo mozzarella, sweet peppers and basil sauce

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