Melon and mulberries crumble

I had noticed here and there (Elle à Table  and surely in some foodblogs) cooked melon. For me the melon was always in its natural state, as dessert or starter (with ham or porto), fruits salad, recently in a cocktail (in icecream as you can tell me). It is the book Elle à Table which offers a recipe for pistachio crumble melon and apricots. The apricots are not my thing (and I had not). I followed part of their recipe, and I took a basic crumble dough from the book « So crumble! » Julie Schwob.

Well done … the melon is good! Except I thought it lacked a bit of acidity (which should be brought by the apricots in the first recipe). But I had mulberries! I bought some before the holidays and they were waiting quietly in the freezer, in theory to make macaron. Result is that the mix of melon and mulberries was perfect (just ask my son!). I made my pictures and now I give you the recipe. In the crumble (heavily modified from the book So crumble!) I added pistachio flour. For those who do not have some complete with powdered almonds. Note also, it is possible that you need to add sugar if your melon is not sweet enough.

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