Lemon macaron

This month turns out to be a macaron one, beside maybe a particular reason, my addiction is also back and I experimenting some new flavors, new presentation…

This one is really classic but very fresh, the ganache is made with butter and fresh lemon juice. I followed the recipe from Christophe Felder (I learned from his book, although I got the one of Pierre Hermé, Mercotte and browsed the web). The one of Pierre Hermé is quite closed but you have to scrub the sugar with the lemon zest, what I did not do, I added the lemon zest into the ganache.

Talking about browsing the web, I read in a blog (sorry I forgot about the name, but it is from an american girl who did a stage at Pierre Hermé lately and reveals most of the technical secrets about the macaron) that you have to wait at least 24 hours for ganache based with chocolate (that I know, minimum time even if it’s hard) and 48 hours for butter ganache. The reason??! if I remember well the butter has less water so it takes more time for humidity to get into the shell and do the perfect alliance with the ganache. Except…! this macaron, I was always surprised to notice that this macaron is always really soft even the crust even after 24 hours. I did it several times but no mistake ( I hope) it is always mellow…and good! The reason might come from the lemon juice (that could be check out with some orange macaron ;-))
Click here for recipe of Lemon macaron

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