Nutella tart

This is certainly one of the most regressive desserts. Who can not remember his 4pm snack or breakfast from his childhood??!

Easy to do, fast to cook and much easier to eat. The crostata (pie or tarte) is a very common dessert here in Italy. You can always see it at some bar. It is just pasta and some marmelade or nutella. You can not miss it. Two simple ingredients but the best ones will make that dessert really good.

Yesterday I did some crostata with a leftover of some homemade kiwi marmelade lost since quite a time in the fridge. Huge success, 6 little boat shape tarts all gone within 5 minutes. Today I still had some pasta left but not enough kiwi marmelade, so I picked up in the nutella (after somebody else did it ;-)). According to A. he prefered the kiwi one, but according from what I can still see that somebody likes this one too ;-)

Click here for recipe of Nutella tart

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