Can I still call it a clafoutis?

The question is on! Shall I still call this cake a clafoutis?? If you refer to the Grand Larousse gastronomique the clafoutis (from Limousin) is a « cake » with some cherries in a kind of a pancake (crepe) pasta.

The thing is, I am never really liked the clafoutis. The pasta is too thick according to me. But with the season in, a lot of blogs proposed the recipe. There is one that just caught up my attention, the recipe from Mamina.  She followed a recipe from Pierre Hermé, where most of the flour is replaced with bread (white loaf), and the eggs are separated with beaten eggwhites. So the later one implies that the pasta is less thicker…hhmmm!

I thought and thought about it, shall I try it or not, and the idea poped up. Maybe not the best one, but why not replacing the white loaf bread with some gingerbread??!! Well I really like the result. The mix of cherries with spices fo the gingerbread (mainly cinnamon actually in mine), the crunchy particles of almond flour and some pieces of gingerbread. And as Mamina said the plus is the  little acidity given by the lemon zest (note that she also found the pasta a little bit too heavy, what I did not found it here…my point of view). So the recipe is for sure far from the traditional one but the result is there too. Clafoutis or not try it and let me know!

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