Panzanella a modo mio

Back after 3 weeks in France and Belgium! In France the kids enjoyed seeing their grands parents, picking up some plums and apples from trees, fishing from the pond, playing with Cracotte the cat, having fun in the swimming pool at day and night, and me watching ;-). While in Belgium it was my time, my joy, I recharged my batteries. Alone with the kids from Bruxelles, Grimbergen to Liège…a big deep breath….mmmh! Oh! talking about that there is a shop in Bruxelles named MMMMH! (I am not joking) 4 M 1 H (hey, can be tough to remember the numbers of M or H). 2 floors, huge kitchens, almost everything about food, they even propose team building around cooking theme.I got crazy there, even a kid section… can’t wait to go there again.

Jack improved a lot his french over there…it’s scary. A couple of weeks before leaving when I baned him to do something he was saying to his dad « mama è cattiva », mom is nasty…ok lack of vocabulary (…I hope??!!). We explained him that he has to say that his mom was getting on his nerves (maman tu m’énerves) or that I was frustating him (tu me contraries maman). SOOO! one day while I was with some friends in Liège, all the kids starting to draw. He was so quiet that I had to check at him. He found a glue stick…. With all his care he was putting some glue all over on the sheet:

-« mais qu’est ce que tu fais???!!! » (But what are you doing???!!!)

-« Maman! je décolle la colle » (Mummy I unstick the stick)

After I explained him in all the possible ways that this operation was technically impossible, I had to remove it from his sticky hands. Frustation:


(I am still laughing at that…and I am not nasty anymore ;-)). The same day, I gave Joséphine to a friend, she walked a little away with her in her arms. Jack came at me, crying, taking my hand and showing my friend:

« Mamannnn, elle s’en va avec Joséphine » (Mum, she is leaving with Joséphine)

He just loves his baby sister…cute no??!!

Yesterday I received a really nice new too, I won the DMBLGIT award for aesthetic photo…YEAHHH! I am so so so pleased because I always admire at bloggers that had some, and it is my turn (you can check at the winners here). So thank you again to all judges of the jury and congratulations to the winners. I still have to solve the thumbnails, pictures and co on the sidebar of my blog…(can’t fix it out I don’t know why??!!), so I cannot put the badge yet, but that’s the picture that won!

Now stop with the blabla, the recipe: the panzanella. It a fresh vegetables dish from Toscany,with dry bread, tomatoes, cucumber and onions as basic ingredients. There is many recipes (check here) which can also involve caper and/or anchovies, which I chose not to put here. The best way is to prepare it 3-4 hours in advance if you decide not to add water to the bread to soften it (what I did! like this the bread just soaked the vegetables juices).

Click here for recipe of Panzanella a modo mio

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