Carrots, goat cheese and apple tart

I already talked to you about Françoise et ses tartes. It is not possible to taste them here yet. But the good thing is that on their website they put the keys ingredients of their pies. One seemed interesting to me:

« carrot, apple and cheese???!! » said le centurion quite sceptical! « Yes! I am sure it’s gonna be good » I answered

So I tried. I did not have anymore curry so I exchanged it with turmeric…it could have been another spice, but this one came to my mind. I tried to figure out what could be the best way to bake it, the best proportion of the different ingredients.

And I baked it (and baked it again… yesterday).

First bite…and second, and then the whole piece of pie, and then the 3 of us (a friend M. was with us for lunch) have eaten 3 quarter of the pie. Just the decency kept us to eat it all, after all we had already eaten the crostini with mozzarella di Buffala and the beetroot salad. We had an apple pie with ice cream as dessert, some delicious cannoli that M. brought us and some macarons with salted butter caramel to go with coffee… could it be a little bit too much?

My parents in law tasted it the day after and just loved it. Yes it is like that here my recipes have to be approved, eaten, by the whole family.

This pie is unbelievable. I do not know quantities in the original one, but believe me, bake it, and you will do it again, and again…and again!

Thank you Françoise!

Bon appétit!

Click here for recipe of Carrots, goat cheese and apple tart

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