Tagliatelle con farina di castagne, limone e noci

My friend Valérie is gonna be happy! Recipe promised recipe given. The tagliatelle (home) made with chestnut flour, lemon and walnuts are my favorite ones. All these flavors are a perfect match! And Nora (my mother in law) gave me a little of her « not that so much » free time to come at home and prepare them while I was making at pictures. Exactly 290 pictures! rien que ça, I have pictures for almost every steps of the recipe. And pictures of hands most of all, of course. I really like that kind of pictures, it can tell so much about a person.

So Nora arrived on saturday late morning with the Super macchina per la pasta. It’s almost a game to do pasta with it. She setted up the kitchen, I prepared the camera. We were ready! Giacomo was at the swimming pool, and Joséphine was playing around, stealing some pasta when we were not paying too much attention to her.

The trick:

*** 1 egg for 100 g of flour that’s the rule! ***

300 g of chestnuts flour, and 300 g of « classical » BIO flour (farina di grano). So 6 eggs. 4 adults, 2 kids…. We ate a lot!

While making the pasta:

« E mi raccomando, devi dire nel tuo blog che non è tanto difficile di fare la pasta a casa. Le donne di tua età possono farlo! »


Nora insisted, it is not difficult to do homemade pasta. She precised (and insisted that I write it down) women in the 30’s-4’s are able to do homemade pasta. It is even easier with the super machine ;-)

To be honest, yes it is easy to do homemade pasta. Plus with good flour, good products to go with, you will find any other pasta tasteless. It can easily be frozen too. I hope I will have convinced some of you. For my part I have to get The machine too.

As a dessert I prepared a tiramisù, a coffee one, with Marsala. My parents in law were just enthusiast (I prefer fruits tiramisù)

« you have to do it again when the uncles and aunts will come over here »

The sun was here, it was warm. We enjoyed all that on the terrace.

Then my father in law, Pepino, went to see his nephew at horseback riding, Nora has usually did not stop herself and cleaned flowers on the terrace (she always has to keep herself  busy! always)…

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