Butternut gnocchi

It was a long time since last time, isn’t it??

First my best wishes to all of you. Thank you so much for wishes and comments that some of you left me. I was very honored!

What happened since last post…: a LOT of macarons. Then we spent Christmas in France. Our trip got complicated with the snow. The day we left it snowed 30 cm! We arrived safely at home at 6.30 pm instead of 10 am. The kids were amazingly quite. Hopefully.

I enjoyed the snow with Jack and we did a really huge snow man (taller than Giacomo, bigger than me). We came back to Roma to enjoy New Year’s eve in familly, with some delicious pasta di castagne con limone e noci (chestnut pasta with lemon and walnuts, my favorite!), ravioli di pesce (ravioli with fish), saltimbocca di pesce e scampi (fish and shrimps saltimbocca with a hazelnuts sauce), lentils (the tradition, it says that you will be rich for the next year..boh!), nougat and pandoro for dessert. What a menu! the next recipe is so simple with regards to the previous ones.

Thank you again for your support and happy new year!

Click here for recipe of Butternut gnocchi

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