Sweet peppers caviar with coriander and cumin

caviar de poivrons et coriande

Three months already that I did not wrote anything on my blog…. Not that I was not on holidays since then, although I enjoyed the sea for about 3 weeks close to Tuscany and a short week in France. The MAIN reason is hormons and especially one that can play you bad tricks like nausea and even more (I am talking about and to women)! It is said that after 3 months things are getting back to normal (hopefully!!). I am still sensible to smell but less than before. A. had to change deodorant, all the soap, even Giacomo’s one, had to be changed and new ones approved by my nose. The fridge and groceries became my best enemies for that period… Even thinking about recipes and cooking brought me right back to bed. So I sulked foodblogs and everything that was related to cooking during that time. Yes you all guessed! #2 is expected for mid march!

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