Carrots and coriander soup… simply

It’s so, so, so cold today! And it is a busy day for me. I am working at my macarons that are getting a little success here and working for the association of Rome Accueil. Did I ever spoke about that to you? I guess not yet. Well it is a association that welcome french speaking people coming to Roma. We do not have the vocation to find people an appartment, a house keeper or whatsoever, but we propose a lot of activities (visits, lunch, cooking lessons, italian classes… and so and so and so) just to help them to get a new friends group, to be a little bit less lost. It helped me a lot my first year here. My italian was not that good, I did not have any friends, I was pregnant and had the real need to be in contact with people from my country, having the same culture background (that I spoke about it already, the culture shock!). Now I am on the other side, I am in charge of people moving him in my neighbourhood. We will meet soon at some coffe meetings (at my home or another guest). And I am too responsible of the bebe groupe (funny no?). It is a nice meeting group of new moms and their babies. We share our babies experiences… mainly about which pediatrician they could see, where to get that…

Right now I am waiting that little Joséphine wakes up to give her her lunch. I love to see her face when she is trying new flavors. Most of the time her first reaction is like that I would give her some lemon to eat. She twisted on her chair and contorts her face!

Before I leave you with that warm recipe of carotts and coriander (a good mix, adapted from Fresh&Fast a book of Marie-Claire) I invite you to go check at my pictures (can I?). You remember I talked to you about that best picture contest « le végétal dans l’assiette » organized by the FIPC and Well I posted 3 pictures on the FB account of If you join the group (you click on I like on the top page of their FB account) then you can see at my pictures and could eventually vote for them (I like button) and even commenting it ;-) (thank you!). The 10 most commented pictures will be in final. 10 others will be selected according to a jury. Among the 20 of them the best food picture will be awarded. A lot of foodbloggers have already join the contest that promises to be a big challenge for the jury who will have to choose the nicest picture!

Have a nice day!

Click here for recipe of Carrots and coriander soup… simply

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