Chicken meatballs with sage

Today is the 11th march, the birthday of Joséphine, her first year! Bon anniversaire Choupette!

Choupette did her first steps yesterday, by herself, alone no more hands, she crossed the living room to go get her doll on the floor!

We will do it tomorrow. Today I’ll prepare a pyramid of macarons for her. She loves macarons!

It’s quite a time now that I go to a farm to get fresh, good organic fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese… well about 80% of my groceries over there. The quality of the food is incredible, tasteful, locally produced and cheap (apart from the meat, but its flavors make you forget about it). I Like to go there with the kids, they can see goats, cows, pigs, horses…Spring is showing up slowly, fields were full of daisy flowers! So nice!

Apart from that, it does not look like but I do cook meat at home…usually chicken. I have problem with « red » meat. When I buy some is that I feel I need some. Maybe I should do some more for the kids but I know that they are…spoiled with meat at their grand mother. They have much more than they need at her place. Giacomo’s grand father « nonno mio » as jack would said goes out specially to the butcher to get THE meat for his grand son. So I think, even I am sure that my kids do eat well.

This recipe I picked it up in the revue Saveurs from december 2010. Chicken and sage (again), it could not be bad. It becomes a classic at home, like the goat cheese , carrot and apple pie (I did it twice last week…I know I am repeating myself but do believe me, this pie is to die for « une tuerie » told me a friend, and is even so much better the day after!). I made some changes from the original recipe, like adding some grated parmesan. We love it, Joséphine loves it, Jack loves it, I hope you will!

Click here for recipe of Chicken meatballs with sage

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