A home pie…with sweet peppers and mustard

In a blog the most attractive thing is for sure pictures then recipes. Having a good camera is an advantage too (thank to A.) and a good light (the one at sunset in Roma is the best one). But it is always the same problem for me: pictures of main dish, salty plates. I just lack of creativity, inspiration. But I have to learn and put something else that dessert, macarons or whatsoever in my blog. Maybe you gonna think that the picture of my pie is not that nice because my pie is not that nice either ;-) I have to admit…YES!

This pie has a « long » story and brought me back so many souvenirs. I used to do it in Liège, from far I remembered 12 years ago. I had that small appartment, so 60’s so cosy, with a small terrace, and good memories. My friend I. used to come over quite often, we ate either that pie (souvenir from one night) or some good cheese with good wine, sometimes even Very good wine. Once we even bought really nice (end expensive) glasses to drink a delicious wine! just for the occasion! that with the music from the B.O. « Until the end of the world » and quite often REM!

Today it’s the same pie, different but charming little parts of me (my kids), different wine, glasses and music (as an example Jack got the same vice than me, that is when he likes a song he listens to it 5, 10, 15 times long…That is the Manamana from the Muppets! « encooore maman!! »). We ate it lately with my other friend L. (the recipe as you asked it for piccola!).

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