Pain au chocolat

What else than being wake up with sweet flavours of warm freshly baked pain au chocolat… it is just remind me my years of student in Liège. I was living downtown, closed to a bakery (le pain quotidien) and I liked to go there in the morning (from time to time) before classes, enjoying fresh bread with some of their chocolate creams and marmelade, teas… sweet times.

Mornings here are definitely not the same, taking time is over, between the breast feeding, the cries, the biberon, diappers…and none of kids are going to school or kindergarden, yet! Every day has to be organized and re-organized according to these two little parts of me, which means that it is for the moment difficult to wake up and enjoy freshly warm pain au chocolat (or just before lunch time). Bah!

It is the second time I prepared these delicious pains au chocolat (from PH, who else ;-)). The first time A. posted some picture on his FB account, which almost got a record of audience and tons of requests for the recipe. Enjoy!

Click here for recipe of Pain au chocolat

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