Butternut squash chips


Summer days are here, and this year I am having lot of fun dressing up Joséphine. Aren’t girls clothes lovely??!! She does not like to wear hat, but we are working on it. She loves climbing everywhere, on and with everything, what is scaring me a lot. She goes on the slide by herself, and slides head in front. My mother often tells stories about me when I was a child, like I am doing now. Among them there is one I am thinking about when I look at my girl. My mother once bought a baby carriage (for dolls) for me when I was 3-4 yrs old, and I liked to go around with it. She was so happy… But she was always wondering why it was bending on a side. So one day a neighbor told her « but you never saw what she is doing with it???!!!, she (me!) is using it to climb in the trees! »


But let’s come back to the recipe, butternut squash chips….

How did I arrived to do that?

I did a mix of french  fries once with potatoes and butternut (in the oven: easy and healthier than the traditional ones). Some got a little bit more oil and were … delicious… why not trying to do chips with it? The butternut squash if soft, mellow, tasteful! So I tried, and we all loved it. It keeps its taste. The butternut season is on its end, but if you manage to find one (*), get it, try this recipe and let me know. They will have their little success for bbq, pic nic… believe me!

(*)Per i cittadini di Roma: andate all’Agricoltura Nuova sulla pontina. Vado sempre qua adesso per comprare le verdure & frutta, hanno dei prodotti meravigliosi… C’è anche la possibilità di fare bbq il week end

E per quelli che non possono andare c’è la possibilita d’avere la frutta e verdura consegnate a casa!

Click here for recipe of Butternut squash chips

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