Macarons pyramid for a birthday

My second pyramid. The first one was all pink, for the birthday of a friend’s daugther. I did not had time to take some pictures. But this time I had. This time was all meaningful for me. This one was special for me, it’s the birthday of my little Joséphine, 1 yr old last friday.

Joséphine is a funny little girl, a tiger, strong, determined. She stays on her side, just waiting peacefully, living her baby’s life. But from one day to the other one she will make you discover that she can walk by herself, she can « talk », she gives the biberon to her doll, she hides herself to play cuckoo…time flies!

She gets crazy on macarons. She cries if you take them away.

I imagined the colors I wanted…3 pastel colors, pink, orange and green.

Pink for… raspberries (see recipe below)

Green for… grapefruit with pistachio

Orange for… orange with star anise

I baked all day…160 macarons. My mother was here…hopefully. My babygirl will have to go to kindergarden at september, it’s becoming a mess here to have her around and to work at the same time…the end of an era! And I have no doubt she gonna loves that! as much as her brother loves to go to school now.

My favorite macaron that day: raspberry!

Joséphine’s favorite macaron:….all!

Click here for recipe of Macarons pyramid for a birthday

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