One month after… I missed it writing on my blog (bhe at this point I don’t know if we can still name it a blog!). Not that I stop cooking, on the contrary but I never found the time to finish an article. I cooked so many things, some that I already shared yet like the pie with apple carrots and goat cheese, dishes with pumpkin, soups (lot of soups), sage biscuits… some new ones like chicken meatballs with sage and parmesan cheese, a cream with banana and amaranth for Joséphine (and me) from the book « recettes bio pour mes enfants » d’Anne Brunner, some candied oranges and apples chocolate cereals bars…

I also worked on my site and as the centurion said it I should stop changing the frame every single week. I did too, actually tried! some heart shape macarons for St Valentine. They not turned out that nice so I just used a pink-red color for classical rounded shape macarons (so much easier!). We might have find a local, now I have to work a lot on the business plan! Can’t wait to open my own lab!!! Soon! I am getting a little scared about that too, what will I do if it does not work?? Chaque chose en son temps (one step at a time). But let’s cross fingers!

Joséphine is growing up well, elle est jouette comme on dit à Liège (she loves playing, having fun). I do her « des poutous » (some noisy kisses blowing my lips on her face or neck) and she reciprocates, laughs at it and keeps going on. I just love when she is doing that and I just love to hear at her laughing. She is also showing everything with her finger and she says « chequiiii?? » or « la? » (what’s that or who is it/she/he?? or there?). She loves pushing buttons in the lift. She is screaming when it is bath time looking at the water flowing out from the tap and jumping. Since a week she has a doll that she is kissing it.

A month ago I learnt that my boy had/has gym at school every monday…since way before Christmas… And since way before Christmas I always sent him at school, dress up with shirt,  trousers, pull, the grembiule (pinafore?) and normal shoes (no tennis shoes). What unconfortable it might have been for him. But he never complained! Jack does not like to color. He is a Lucio Fontana kind of style… His technics evolved from one line to a hole in the middle of the draft ;-) I should not laugh at it but I can not. I had a talk with his teacher (he is 3 and I already have to listen to some « complain » from his teacher…). She showed me everything and I could not hide my smiles.

I share today the recipe for the pate à choux for some chouquettes. It is not easy at all to do the pate à choux. They often turn out fluffy. I tried several times, the first time they were just great (la chance du débutant!). I tried severals recipes and I think I managed to find the right way to bake them. Just be sure that the dough is dry enough (but not too much), change the position of the pates in the ovenl, and let them cool down in the oven. Well let me know how they come out!

Click here for recipe of Chouquettes

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