Cherries clafoutis with coconut milk, pistachios and cardamom

I know it starts to be a little late to publish recipes with cherries, but season is not over everywhere and it could useful for next year too!

I made it up, I just thought and thought about it and the idea of mixing coconut milk, cardamom, pistachios with cherries sounded pleasant! And it is! You can believe me.

I baked it twice with agave syrup and once with mascobado sugar. I just appreciated both of them, even more when I managed to do it all from organic food (good for the conscience).


I found that presenting it in muffin cases was nice too. Easier to shot than in a big plate too.

Tonight, 30th of june is the first time my son is not here. We came back for one night from the sea because Joséphine has to do vaccination. So we decided to leave Giacomo at his grand parents. I feel like an orphan. « mais maman pourquoi tu viens pas manger ce soir??!! » he said on the phone… why I do not come and eat tonight. Even if we explained him, he just did not realized yet.

Can you imagine that, apart from 2 nights at the maternity I never left my son away from me one night!42 months at my side!

Okay, there is worst!

Like my new hair color.. hahaha!

Dark brown chocolate is not brown, it is simply dark, reaaaaallll, deeeeeeeep DARK! Black to be clear!

It’s quite a change when you know that I am light brown with some red with the sun!

I changed the brand, I picked up an organic one (not to blame on it). So I supposed it would be less « agressive » and kept it at least 20 minutes (but less than half an hour). Well…. not at all! It works well!

I still go check from time to time in the mirror « I know it’s dark, I know it’s dark » I keep saying myself before entering the bathroom

« OMG it’s SOOO dark »

Let’s hope my son will recognize me tomorrow!

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