Le moelleux au chocolat et lait de coco de Marine

The chocolate and coconut milk mellow cake of Marine, the 4 yrs old girl of my friend Krishna. Her favorite cake, the one that her mother puts in her school bag from time to time, a healthy snack. Krishna is a long time friend, met when I still was a student, a year before I started marine biology… almost 13 years ago! Brr… Ca ne nous rajeunit pas ! At the begining I remember she brought me some croissants and pains au chocolat, and prepared my coffee after I spent one night at the lab for an experiment, the time degradation of proteins in dead birds. Delicate attention! Since then we did not work anymore in the same lab, but she was/is always around. She is a great cook too, specially indian food, wrote 2 blogs about her travels that I highly recommend, one in Florida and one in India.

I baked that cake yesterday for us, it had its little success… since this morning there is not that much left (and I put some in the school bag of Giacomo too!)

Have a nice week end!

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