Pumpkin pancakes in Marmosedio

I am exhausted…wrecked (crevée). It is true when your kid is at school for the 1st year he brings all kind of flue,and gives it to his little sister or brother, and in some case to the parents. Bha! it can be worst. School….Talking about it, some parents should be really ashamed of their son’s behavior. I am sorry I can not give any name ;-)… why it came out to the mind of an « innocent » boy, no one knows, but it is surprising to hear that some kids (well just one in that case) threw away a plate at school. Surprised was the teacher too, and the mother…and the father. Of course the 3 of them scolded him, told him that it is a really bad behavior. But to the 3 of them faced the same the reaction/answer: lifting up the eyes and sang « lalalalalalalalalalalala…..lalallalalalalala…. » and of course you can laught at it all…at least not in front of the guilty kid. Hopefully for the parents pride it happened once .(for the moment)

Last weekend we went to Marmosedio, a small village (around 30 residents) close to Rieti. The population increased of 40% as we were 12 friends (kids included) to spend 3 days over there at the house of a friends. Even if there is nothing to see, it was good to go to there, walking in the forest, in the cold, all the fall colors, some unexpected visitors like this cow, I just loved it. I had my real fall, a cold and colorful one!

At the house we (the men) did some bbq in the fireplace. I baked the cake with candied fruits, the apple carrots and goat cheese pie and these pumpkin pancakes. I have a huge crush for the  butternut one. I am trying all kinds of recipes with it (some, actually one until now, just to avoid) and it is the 2nd time and not the last one I am doing these pancakes. Jack enjoyed it a lot and even more with the maple syrup

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