About me

About me

I am Laure-Sophie, French/Belgian kind of expatriate living in the Eternal city…Roma, with my two kids and their dad,  A. also named le centurion. In the near past I used to be a researcher in oceanography. But then everything changed when I arrived to Italy.  Kids, crisis, 2 ingredients to keep me at home and find some new « activities ».

I do absolutely not come from  gourmet family. Indeed my mother asked me where I got that interest for cooking and pastry ;-) I even admit that when I was a student and living on my own, I absolutely never spent my free time at cooking. The first years after I finished all the meals that my mother cooked for me, I used to eat lot, Lot! of pasta (with any kind of sauce that I could buy…brrr I still have shivers thinking about it) and tuna (what I can not see and eat anymore). Slowly I started to cook but nothing exceptional. I had my quiche period, then tajine’s one, vegetarian’s one… bla bla bla…

To get short, after we (le centurion and I) finally had our appartment (haaaa the italian punctuality!) , I had to face the inevitable… my mother in law Nora. A. started to bring back food prepared by her (le centurion è un po’ mammone diciamo ;-) Nora is just an amazing cook, she is very attentive on the food she buy and cook. So I had to face a big challenge, and that’s how I started to cook.

I had some food books to start with and internet. It’s from the last one I got the virus and started my own foodblog Croissant&Parmesan.

Where do I get my inspiration from:

All the recipes that are here are inspired from food revues, books and sometimes some foodblogs. I always tried to adapt it to our tastes, to bring them something new. If it happens (and it does) that I do not modify them then I always mention their source. With regards to the pictures, I learned checking at some food photographers portfolio (they are mentioned in the links page). But with time it is also my own inspiration, coming from my mood, what the recipe is telling me, what’s the story around the recipe.

And yes! all the pictures here are done by myself. Moreover, photos are my property. It’s my work, I spent time on it. So you ask me before taking them, please! (otherwise I will send you the centurion, capito??!!)

About advertising, I do not do advertising nor I am partner for some products brand. To my best all the products that I cook or use are local organic food (from a farm or if I can not buy local it is organic food from the supermarket with some exceptions!). So there is no chance that I will post an article or prepare a recipe specially for a brand! (even if prizes are really really interesting…well if you consider to offer me the last kitchenaid, preferably pink I migh reconsider this point ;-))

And if you still want to learn a little bit more about me you can check out this page!

If you would like to contact me you can email me at:

lauresophie (at) lauresophie (dot) com

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8 comments to About

  • Bonjour, c’est par le blog de Mamina que je suis tombée sur ton site. Quelle chance!!! il est superbe en plus tu joues à la canasta, moi aussi (beaucoup, quand je ne fais pas des tournois de bridge) Nous avons plusieurs cagnottes avec différents amis et faisons aussi de petits diners (souvent avec cuisine italienne)- Je suis genevoise et habite l’été en Bourgoogne (ds. les vignes du Pouilly Fuissé). J’ai beaucoup d’amis italiens et connaît très bien toute l’Italie ainsi que la cuisine italienne.
    Par contre je suis totalement Lowtech, la nouille suprême avec un ordi. Bravo pour ton joli blog, les photos sont aussi superbes.

  • manougathe

    coucou ma soeur toujours tres attirantes tes photos

  • Doro

    Coucou Laure-So!

    Je viens de jeter un oeil à ton blog et maintenant…j’ai faim!! Vachement cool en tout cas et magnifiques photos. Dès que je retrouve une cuisine digne de ce nom, j’en teste qq unes!

  • Claudia

    complimenti laure-sophie, sono la moglie di un caro amico del tuo centurione ;)

    e complimenti per il blog, e anche per le foto (che vengono bene per merito delle tue preparazioni, non solo del fotografo)

  • Béné

    Je veux la recette des chouquettes tatoi … ;-)
    Bises ma Laure-So

  • shivani

    very nice picture ma’am. i like your recipes especially the ones with chocolate.could you please change the layut of the site to give the content more space..it would seriously be a visual treat!!

  • My dear Shivani, I was thinking about that since a while…I just needed someone to « push » me to do that! thank :-) !

  • Che blog meraviglioso!!! Ho dato un’occhiata anche ai tuoi macarons.. semplicemente perfetti! D’ora in poi non ti perderò di vista! Mi sono già innamorata di questo blog!
    A presto

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