Strawberries salad with mint and…

Strawberries with lemon juice, mint and sugar.

I admit… it’s a really simple dish, but no matters, worth to be mentioned no?

The little thing more… peppers. Not that bad actually, un peu de peps!

I had an English uncle. I remembered how shock I got when he said that he was eating strawberries with peppers (or maybe it was salt, a taste enhancer… I am confused, it was at least 20 yrs ago, if not 25).  Whatever it was, I was at a age for which one you eat fruits with sugar or not!

We do often eat strawberries in summer,with some lemon juice, sugar. Kids are fighting for « il succo »,the juice. It’s true it’s good. And even better when you eat the stawberries first, keeping for the end the best part. So I do 2 rounds. One strawberries salad for lunch for Joséphine and I, and another one for Jack when he is coming back from school. Sometimes I add star anise too with the fruits.  For the momen it is fresh mint from our terrace… and a little of black peppers.

Apart from that I have new tables set for pictures,one black, one white. I am having fun with the composition. Indeed I discovered a new background. It was there beneath my eyes since ever. I was taking at pictures on a different spot on the terrace, when I noticed that our zinc closet was just an amazing background for pictures (look above)! I just had time to find the good settings of the camera when Joséphine stole one of the muffins. Go girl!

Strawberries salad with mint (and peppers)

  • 500 g organic strawberries
  • Juice of 2 organic lemons
  • fresh mint
  • sugar cane ( for my part Dulcita sugar cane)
  • Optional: black pepper


  1. Wash the strawberries andcut them into « cubes » of 1-2 cm. Drizzle with the fresh juice of organic lemons. Add the sugar as muchnasyou desire. Chop mint leaves and add them to the strawberries. Mix and keep aside for halfhour in the fridge.
  2. Serve in individual bowls with a few mint leaves and maybe a little cracked black pepper.


Salade de fraises et menthe

  • 500 g de fraises bio
  • Le jus de 2 citrons bio
  • menthe fraiche
  • sucre de canne (le dulcita pour ma part)
  • facultatif: poivre noir
  1. Laver et équeuter les fraises. Les couper en « dés » de 1-2 cm. Arroser les du jus de citrons frais. Ajouter le sucre en quantité désirée. Ciseler quelques feuilles de menthe. Mélanger letout et réserver une demie heure au frais.
  2. Servir dans des coupes individuelles avec quelques feuilles de menthe et pourquoi pas un peu de poivre noir concassé.




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