Yummy magazine and my strawberry tiramisu

I am going too fast! I knew I had to write something else on my last article but I could not remembered until I went back on my FB account. You might have heard about webzine, revue that you can find only on internet. 2 of them are of my interest and you can find easily the links on my right side bar on my blog. Yummy magazine is one of the 2. It is foodbloggers with a lot of creativity, wonderful blogs, amazing pictures and recipes, most of them women (that will have to explain me where do they find the time to do everything they are doing between their blogs, husbands, kids, house, a job … and the webzine, for some of them even 2 webzines!!).

So to get short, I proposed a recipe for the new yummy magazine…. and…and I have been selected. They seemed to like my strawberry tiramisu recipe. So Thank to them a LOT, I am so so honored!!!

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