Stories around chards

Don’t they look like nice and good these chards? This beautiful green and red. I could not resist as soon as I saw them at the farm. We name them bette in french. I remembered a day at my grand mother when I was a child. I was eating at her and asked what we will have for lunch and she answered me:

« des bettes »

but actually bette sounds like bete (beast).  At that time I was much more familiar with the world of insects than with the one of vegetables. My first reaction was to wonder why we were eating spiders or cockroaches.

It is also like that dinner last year. I was cleaning some topinambours (Jerusalem artichokes). Jack as always was observing me busy in the kitchen. He started that period of passion for dinosaur. He looked at the Jerusalem artichoke and told me

« mamaaaaaan!! regardeee des pieds de dinosaures » (mummy, look! it is some dinosaurs feet)

Since then I always think about that when I get some Jerusalem artichoke.

After Christmas, New year’s eve and all dinners we had around, I needed a break with a lot of vegetables, simply prepare and cooked. Just dress up with lemon juice and olive oil.

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