Christmas shortbread

Christmas tree is done. Letter to Santa Claus is done, I took note of the desir of a garage and a kitchen. Santa Claus, to whom I still have to send the letter is waiting that a little boy starts behaving bravly (he does, just that we have to repeat and repeat and… repeat! almost 3 years it is said to be a normal behavior… but being stubborn might not be!). In the meantime the proud mum would say that Joséphine is saying « mamoaom » but she does just repeating , she walks with 4 legs or stand up along the walls and begs ALL the time to be in the (MY) arms. Almost 9 months and the fear of being left alone. I remembered that my friend Brina told me a couple of years ago that the first time your kid is saying maman you just want to cry for such a beautiful moment. Years (even months) after when you hear your beloved child, your half, calling you His mum, sometimes you just have the energy to say « Quoi…Encore??!! » … I can confirm!

I complain, I complain, but I love my kids.  3 years and 9 months of sleepless nights, crying, screaming, stupid things but a lot of smiles, joy, happiness!

Yesterday I had fun preparing christmas biscuits (sablés de Noel) with Giacomo, who had fun blowing on the flour and breaking eggs. We did some chocolate ones (with a mix of quinoa and normal flours, I just love the association of chocolate with quinoa), and some with toasted nuts flour. A long time ago I bought lots of stamps, horse, whale, dolphin, camel, crab, elefant…(almost a zoo!),  heart, flower ones and so and so (available here).

Click here for recipe of Christmas shortbread

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