I am running out of time, that’s why I am not publishing anymore. No recipe in this post, but some news:

Results of the contest best foodblog picture for « j’ai descendu dans mon jardin » organized by the FIPC and 750g.com. It’s Emilie from the blog Griottes who won, and no surprise at all. I discovered her blog some couple of weeks before the contest and immediately had a crush for it. The pictures are awesone, full of colors, clear, Emilie the author is a girl full of talents and I can only recommend you to go run and visit her blog. It was a really nice contest and I discovered a lot of talented people, like Aline too from My little fabric. I added some of them on my links page but I have not finished yet!

News about me: I am SUPER busy (and tired!)!

1.first a « new » job. After 10 years of studies (biology, marine biology…even a PhD I still wonder what for?!), 2 kids, the crisis and no job here for me in Italy (or I am not deeply searching or there is nothing or …I don’t know!.. anyway) I am ending up being the photo editor for cucina.it (that and taking care of a lot of other things, so so so much to do). It is a new website, all about italian recipes and restaurants, and… it’s gonna be more than that.  So I have to replace all the pictures content (well most of them there is like 20000 recipes!), doing some videos… I’ll let you know about some other things about it on time.

2. my blog: new look, did you notice (or I might have talked about that already)?!. Ci siamo quasi (almost done). The good thing is that I am getting use of WP and the theme I am using so I am going be able to change it from time to time.

3. my macarons. I worked on the website and completely changed it. Actually the first version was really ugly, still some details to solve.

4. my kids… well they are super active when they are not sick ;-)

5. last I am still cooking and baking. But I am sorry that I don’t have the time to share the recipes… for now. I baked some cheesecakes, one with speculoos and coffee, the other one white chocolate and blueberries. A chocolate pie, a banana cream cheese pie with praliné, a sweet pepers soup, pumpkins gnocchi (that tasted more flour than pumpkin, I have to work on it following an advice of Nora)…

Now I go do some cookies with my plate launcher son!

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3 comments to Busy!

  • Auguri per il nuovo lavoro!! :) L’hai meritato, le tue foto sono sempre stupende!! Comunque, sei molto brava a gestire mille cose nello stesso tempo – ci vuole un sacco di energia… Ti faccio un in bocca al lupo per il sito macaron.it – sembra tutto delizioso! :D

  • :) ma dai allora non abiti molto lontano da me un piacere scoprire il tuo blog, grazie per il commento! Alla prossima, magari al prossimo brunch. Un caro saluto

  • Grazie grazie tanto! Speriamo che funzionasse!

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