Candied fruit cake

« Maman je peux prendre un bout de gateau » (Can I take a piece of cake?) already the hand on it!

« noooon! après les photos! » (no after the pictures!) too late!

My son juste loves that cake, actually he just loves the fruits in it. So I always find some pieces of cake… with no more fruits…. »mmmhhh cz’est bon!, j’adooooore maman le gateau » (it’s good, I looooove the cake) jumping on his chair. As he just like to bake it, he uses the hand mixer and pour the flour, eggs, sugar… and mix…and taste « attends je goute…juste une fois » (wait I taste…just once) which of course is never just once.

Did you notice the new look of my blog? I was working on some other websites (one for a friend and the other one for my « in way to be » a business here the macarons, there is even a link on the sidebar, noticed ;-)??!! it’s not completely finished but I am working on it). Le centurion told me after that « your blog is a little sad now compare to the others » … Whoow nice! « it’s too much white »….okayyy… after consideration he was a little bit right. I worked on it yesterday and there it is, a little bit more colorful! Although it looks like a children bedroom with that purple and blue… I still have time to think about it!

So it’s a free macarons baking week this week (normally), what should give a little bit more time to bake, take pictures and working at my blog, my next job (I still have to sign the contract and I will let you know about that), and my kids. A few words about that cake, it’s a really classic cake, the recipe was requested MANY times, the cake too. Use some whole piece of candied fruit not the small dry pieces you can find in any supermarket. If you do not have rum you can put some kind of orange liqueur it works well too (it’s cook so no trouble for the kids!).

Click here for recipe of Candied fruit cake

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