Apricot and rosemary marmelade

A little break from Italy and macaron recipes. This time I enjoy summer, its fruits and colors festival to do some marmelade and experiment unexpected flavors (at least for me). Doing a foodblog is a little challenge: you have to write a lot (not my case ;-)) but at least you always have to consider what you are going to cook or to bake. So you read you pay more attention of what’s going on on the » blogosphere » and you experiment. Example this recipe, an apricot marmelade is quite classical but add it some rosemary! the taste is just surprising, sweetness of the fruits and freshness from the rosemary.

We tried it this morning on some petit pain au lait (small rounded brioche…a recipe that I will share soon)

Confiture d’abricots et romarin

  • 600 g d’abricots
  • 500 g de sucre
  • le jus d’un demi citron
  • 1 petite branche de romarin
  1. Laver et dénoyauter les abricots. Les mettre dans un fait tout et les recouvrir du sucre et jus du demi citron.
  2. Laisser reposer toute la nuit.
  3. Le lendemain, chauffer sur feux moyen-doux pendant 20 mns.
  4. Ajouter le romarin et laisser infuser 10-15 mns.
  5. Retirer la branche de romarin et mixer légèrement avant de mettre en pot.

Apricot and rosemary marmelade

  • 600 g apricots
  • 500 g sugar
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • a small branch of rosemary
  1. Wash and pit the apricots. Put the fruits in a high saucepan, cover them with the sugar and lemon juice.
  2. Leave it aside for the all night.
  3. The day after cook the mixture over low medium heat for 20 mn.
  4. Add the rosemary and let infuse for 10-15 mn.
  5. Remove the rosemary, mix gently before putting the marmelade in container.

Marmellata d’albicocche e rosemarino

  • 600 g albicocche
  • 500 g zucchero
  • spremuta di metà limone
  • 1 piccolo ramo di rosemarino
  1. Pulire e snocciolare le albicocche. Metterle in una pentola alta e coprire con lo zucchero e la spremuta.
  2. Lasciare riposare una notte.
  3. L’indomani cuocere a fuoco basso-medio per 20 minuti.
  4. Aggiungere il rosemarino e lasciare in infusione per circa 10-15 minuti.
  5. Rimuovere il rosemarino, frullare un po’ prima di mettere la marmellata in barattolo.
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4 comments to Apricot and rosemary marmelade

  • C’est une association au parfum de vacances. Je passe en prendre un peu demain pour le petit déjeuner, d’acord? ;-) Bises

  • fabi

    C’est malin de venir a 10h… j’ai faim… Ton blog est tjs un delice pour les yeux! Bises, f

  • lauresophie

    @Edda: quand tu veux! A ton prochain retour sur Rome peut etre ;-)
    @Fabi: Merci! je t’en glisse dans la valise?

  • I think I want to have breakfast for every meal of the day after looking at these photos.

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