Pure coffee macaron

100% coffee macaron

Between a sick kid, cleaning and peeling of chestnuts with friends, birthdays, macarons tests and attempt of a normal life… It gets a little difficult to take care of the blog.

This pure coffee macaron has his shell done with coffee and ganache with butter and coffee too…just DELICIOUS!

Macaron pur café

40 macarons

ganache au café

  • 250 g de beurre mou
  • 10 g de café soluble
  • 170 g de poudre d’amande
  • 160 g de sucre glace
  1. Battre le beurre en pommade. Ajouter le café et le sucre glace et continuer de battre jusqu’à ce que le mélange devienne comme mousseux
  2. Ajouter la poudre d’amande et mélanger
  3. Réserver une petite heure pour raffermir la ganache avant deposer sur les coques.

Pour la recette des coques voir la recette ici en tenant compte que le TPT doit etre de 195 g de sucre glace, 195 g de poudre d’amandes et 10 g de café soluble.

Macaron completamente caffé

40 macaron

crema al caffé

  • 250 g di burro morbido
  • 10 g di caffé solubile
  • 170 g di farina di mandorle
  • 160 g di zucchero al velo
  1. Battere il burro in pomata. Aggiungere il caffé e il zucchero. Continuare a battere finché il misto sia un po’ spumoso
  2. Aggiungere la farina di mandorle e mescolare
  3. Tenere nel frigo per circa un oretta prima di mettere sui macaron

Per la confezione dei macaron vedere la ricetta qua ilTPT deve essere di 195 g di farina di mandorle, 195 g di zucchero al velo e 10 g di caffé solubile.

Pure coffee macaron

40 macaron

ganache with coffee

  • 250 g soft butter
  • 10 g soluble coffee
  • 170 g almonds powder
  • 160 g ice sugar
  1. Whip the butter until it gets really soft. Add the coffee and sugar. Continue to whip until it gets like fizzy.
  2. Add the almonds powder and whip
  3. Keep in the fridge for a little hour before putting it on the shells

For the shells look at at the recipe here taking into account that the TPT is here 195 g of almonds powder,  195 g of ice sugar and 10 g of soluble coffee.

100% coffee macaron

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