Chocolate fondant

Fondant au chocolat
Fondant al cioccolato

fondant au chocolat

Chocolate chocolate chocolate…another furious desire to bake and the really good excuse to use THE stamp I was looking for since months and that I unexpectly found in Roma (at Kitchen and House via del Plebiscito, and there is also other stamps from the same brand for those who might be interested). I already did that dessert some months ago (also posted on my old blog) and hopefully this time I had occasion to take pictures before the men just devour it in no time (the best fondant ever as A. said)

I just love to bake when Giacomo is around. I seat him in his chair, he’s watching at what I am doing and of course he is allowed to get the last spoon which give a pretty sticky result. I give you here the following recipe that finds its origin (with some grams and butter modifications) at bergamote.

English table

  • 260 g dark chocolate
  • 170 g salted butter
  • 150 g sugar
  • 4 eggs
  1. Warm up the oven at 100°C
  2. In a bain marie melt the chocolate in a bowl
  3. Incorporate the butter to the chocolate
  4. Remove the bowl from the bain marie and add the sugar to the chocolate+butter
  5. Incorporate one by one the eggs to the previous mix
  6. Pour in the stamp and put in the oven between 1h and 1h20 (depending on the width of the stamp, for a cake one count on 1h20, for a thighter stamp like the one Iused here it was around 1h)

A la table Française

  • 260 g de chocolat noir
  • 170 g de beurre salé
  • 150 g de sucre
  • 4 oeufs
  1. Préchauffer le four à 100°C
  2. Fondre le chocolat au bain marie
  3. Ajouter le beurre
  4. Hors du bain marie ajouter le sucre
  5. Incorporer un à un les oeufs
  6. Verser dans le moule et enfourner pour 1h à 1h20 (tout dépend de la largeur du moule, dans un moule à cake compter 1h20 àpeu près, pour ce moule ci le temps de cuisson a été un peu plus d’une heure)

fondant au chocolat

La tavola italiana

  • 260 g cioccolato nero
  • 170 g burro salato
  • 150 g zucchero
  • 4 uova
  1. Accendere il forno a 100°C
  2. Sciogliere il cioccolato al bagnomaria
  3. Aggiungere il burro al cioccolato
  4. Levare del bagnomaria e aggiungere il zucchero
  5. Incorporare uno a volta le uova
  6. Versare nello stampo e mettere a cuocere tra 1h e 1h20 (dipende della larghezza dello stampino circa 1h20 per uno stampo a cake e un’oretta per questo tipo di stampo)

fondant au chocolat

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