Lemon fondant

picture courtesy of A. Altrorio

Have you ever heard about the cards game Burraco (in Italian)/ Buraco (in English)? It is a very nice game that seems to be simple in ìts goal but quite strategic. It requires 2 french cards games (2*52 cards and the jokers) and two teams (2 persons each). Each person has 11 cards in his hands and with his/her partner has to lay down 3 cards minimum of a sequence (always same color) or ranks. You can compare it a little to the solitaire. Each turn you have to pick up a card from the base or cards from the « trash ». The winner is the first one that get rid of his cards with at least one « mazzetto » on the table which means 7 cards from the same sequence or rank (see more details). Why am I telling you that??!! because we (A., me and 2 other friends) keep playing that since weeks until sometimes 2-3 in the morning. We usually enjoy a dinner all together and then we start to play. On one of these now usual occasions, we had after a dinner with good seafood (thanks G.!) a « fondant au citron » (with the lemons from my tree that we put on the terrace). My friend G. usually never eats dessert (except mine, I am doing some little advertising for myself ;-)) and doesn’t like fruit at all (specially melon). Anyway given that he might have reserved himself 2-3 times without saying any words between mouthful, I guessed that he appreciate it. So here the recipe alos for my friend K.

Click here for recipe of Lemon fondant

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