Strawberries panna cotta

Panna cotta aux fraises
Panna cotta con le fragole 

strawberries panna cotta


 This is an old post from my oldest foodblog. I remembered it after eating some strawberries today (the full season started). I did them with some lemon juice and added a star anise! Try it is really good, and the taste gets even better the day after. As I did not took any pictures for that last recipe, I decided to post that old message (I did remember too that the pictures were quite yummy). I did this recipe with some frozen strawberries but it was anyway pretty good.


English table:

for 7-8 small ramekins

  •  500 ml of liquid fresh cream
  • 500 g of strawberries
  • 1 vanilla  pod
  • 90 g of icing sugar
  • 12 g of gelatin (as gelatin sheets)

Put the gelatin in cold water. In a pot put together the cream, strawberries and the sugar. Mix. Add the vanilla pod cutted in two and gratted. Boil up. As soon as the first boils appear take it out from the fire, add the gelatin and mix. Pour in the containers and let cool down. Put in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours before eating. 

A la table française:

Pour 7-8 ramequins:

  • 500 ml de crème fraiche liquide
  • 500 g de fraises
  • 1 gousse de vanille
  • 90 g de sucre glace
  • 12 g de gélatine (en feuilles!)

Mettre la gélatine dans de l’eau froide. Dans une casserole, mettre la crème fraiche, les fraises et le sucre glace. Mixer brièvement. Ajouter la gousse de vanille fendue. Chauffer. Aux premiers bouillons retirer du feu, enlever la gousse de vanille, ajouter la gélatine égouttée. Mélanger et remplir les petits pots. Laisser refroidir avant de mettre au frais. Déguster 2-3 heures plus tard.

La tavola Italiana:

Per 7-8 coppette:

  • 500 ml panna liquida
  • 500 g fragole
  • 1 bastoncino di vaniglia
  • 90 g zucchero a velo
  • 12 g gelatina (foglie di gelatina)

Mettere la gelatina nell’acqua. In una pentola frullare insieme la panna, le fragole e lo zucchero. Aggiungere la vaniglia tagliata. Togliere dal fuoco al primo bollore. Aggiungere la gelatina e mischiare. Mettere nelle coppette. Quando la panna è fredda lasciare nel frigo per almeno 2-3 ore prima di servire.


panna cotta aux fraises

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