Cinnamon marshmallow

Guimauves à la cannelle 
 guimauves à la cannelle


It gets more and more common to do our own marshmallow, you can notice that among a lot of foodblogs. Finally it is quiet easy, you might just need a thermometer to cook the sugar although…I melted mine doing some macarons, and I don’t miss it that much. I give you in the following recipe for the marshmallow with the temperature needed to be reached to cook the sugar, but for myself I consider that after 2-3 minutes the big bubbles appeared in the pot, I more or less reached the temperature (but I use the same pot either for macarons or marshmallow since a long time and I just approximately know hen I have to stop the fire). I did those marshmallow thinking about the Big Red this chewing gum with a strong cinnamon favor (I still did not find it here in Roma and I just miss it).

English table:

  • 250 g of sugar
  • 80 g of water
  • 24 g of gelatin (as gelatin sheets!)
  • 90 g of eggwhite
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon (or according to your taste)
  • red colouring
  1. Put the gelatin in water
  2. In a pot put together water and sugar and let it boil until 125°C
  3. Meanwhile beat the eggwhites until stiff when the eggwhite curl without falling when taking out the whips
  4. Add the sugar to the eggwhite without stopping beating
  5. Still beating th eggwhite add the gelatin, cinnamon and the colouring (it should get pink)
  6. Pour in a rectangular plate and put in the fridge for at least 24 h

 A la table française:

  • 250 g de sucre
  • 80 g d’eau
  • 24 g de gélatine (en feuilles!)
  • 90 g de blancs d’oeufs
  • 1 c. à soupe de cannelle (ou plus ou moins selon les gouts)
  • colorant rouge
  1. Mettre les feuilles de gélatine dans de l’eau.
  2. Dans une casserole mettre le sucre et l’eau et faire chauffer jusque 125°C.
  3. En attendant battre les blancs en neige jusqu’au stade « bec d’oiseau » (les blancs se recourbent sans tomber quand on retire les fouets).
  4. Y ajouter le sucre cuit en filet tout en continuant de battre les blancs.
  5. Toujours en battant, ajouter progressivement les feuilles de gélatine, puis la cannelle et le colorant rouge (la pate doit etre rose vif).
  6. Quand le mélange est à température ambiante (environ 5 minutes), le mettre dans un plat type gratin chemisé de papier sulfurisé. Mettre au frais pendant 24 heures.

 guimauves à la cannelle

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  • Oh, these are fabulous! I love making marshmallows and have tried several different flavors so far – cinnamon is something I deeply adore and I can’t wait to try your recipe! Tks for sharing!

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