Gnocchi with spinach and ricotta

gnocchi épinards et ricotta

I remember the first day I met my parents in law. It was in june almost 3 yrs ago from now at the seaside house. It was that so warm, over food, welcome like you might have seen as caricature in some movies. As for example in the Big Blue when Johanna Arquette meets the mother of Jean Reno. This last one welcomes her with that huge pasta plate saying « benvenuta« . Well, NO! this is not only a caricature, I can garanty that to you. I wasn’t welcome with a pasta plate, the dinner was excellent as always when it is done by Nora, my mother in law, but I was welcome by the gigaquantity. The dinner started with a huge (at least for me at that time, innocent of the italian customs) salmon risotto, 2 servings of course, same size of course, then large prawns with 2 servings, same size, ending with a crostata (jam strawberries pie). I had great difficulties ending up the 2nd risotto plate…it was thus difficult for me to « faire bonne figure » keep the face.

Nora is that kind of women convinced that to show her love, affection the « ti voglio bene » it goes along with food and its quantities. Naturally she will prepare a menu that satisfy everybody, meaning that she is able to do a different menu for everyone of us for a same meal. I don’t really like « pasta al sugo« , the pasta with tomato sauce,  and it was under these circumstances that she made me discovered the gnocchi con spinaci e ricotta, that I have now regularly integrated at home.

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