Tabbouleh with quinoa, shrimps, feta and erbs

We all know there are some recipes that make you feel at home, that make you think a while to the past. We do all have our Madeleine!

I have a lot, some that bring me back to my childhood because of their flavor, taste. Like the candied fruit cake that remind me of my grand mother. A recipe can make you remember of people you care or cared about, a place you loved to be, to go, some particular moment you enjoyed alone or you shared with some others.

Food has something magic. A smell, a flavor will bring you back to some holidays, to a place, to people you were with. Thinking about your meal, peparing the food will bring you the same thing. And if it’s not to awake some past feelings, baking or cooking a new recipe, a new ingredients will always leave you a souvenir, even the worst recipe or meal you ever had.

This recipe is coming from my friend Krishna, the same one that gave me the recipe of Le Moelleux au chocolat de Marine. She prepared it for the barbecue we had every year at the end of the oceanology classes. She prepared it at my place before we left for the dinner.

She was actually desperate in my kitchen, asking for some instrument or spice that I did not have. Yes, before having kids I was not that crazy about cooking. I just had my minimal.

« Est ce que tu as un presse ail? » (« do you have a garlic press? »)

« …non.. »

With her indian roots a garlic press was her minimum, not mine. I am still using the one she offered me after that, like I still have the glasses she left me after she did Caipirinha!

This taboulé is made with quinoa, feta, lime, fresh erbs and shrimps (if you can find it use the brown shrimps). It’s refreshing, full of flavors and do not esistate on the fresh erbs. The first time I did it I just had some coriander, but the next time I added tarragon and chives. Delightful!


Click here for recipe of Tabbouleh with quinoa, shrimps, feta and erbs

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